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Hip Engagement

Hip Engagement By: Dennis Auslam with Addie O’Neil When choosing a barrel racing prospect a person tends to look for certain characteristics. Among these characteristics is the hip. A horse with a strong, muscular, and well conformed hip is able to turn a barrel with ease. However, if that horse is not taught how to use the hip properly and engage it when needed the horse will have a very difficult time running the barrel pattern correctly. In order to teach the horse the correct way to use its hip I start with very basic maneuvers at the walk. There […]

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We Love Happy Customers!

I have been trying to figure out how to say “Thank you” to someone who has turned a dream into a reality for me. There are really no words that can express how my experience at Redwood Stables with Dennis, his family and great crew has changed both my horse and myself. I had purchased a gelding who had no respect and  very head strong. I had been told by many people to just sell him but I seen something in this gelding and had to give him a chance, but I needed help and found Dennis. Dennis asked me […]

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Bridle Up Experience Letter 2

I went to the Bridle Up Experience with my 8 year old draft cross mare.  I knew that I needed help to further her training as well as help me with my own confidence.  I have struggled regaining my seat as an adult and had become frustrated when it came to riding. I knew that my mare was even tempered and eager to please but was not able to move past some of our issues. I thought I would take a gamble and take her to the Bridle Up Experience.  I felt that the reputation of Dennis and the description […]

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Bridle Up Experience 2013 Letter I

Hey Dennis, It’s been a week since I finished the Bridle Up clinic. Now that the dust has settled I wanted to take a minute to tell you what an awesome experience it was for me. I am not one of those mushy gushy testimonial writing people, I swear, but once in a while, something is worth that effort, my week at Redwood Stables was one of those things. I think you know better than anyone how terrified I was on that first day! It had taken me a while to decide to go to the clinic in the first place. […]

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Memorial Weekend Clinic

Memorial Weekend Clinic

It’s our Annual Women’s Clinic, held every year on Memorial Weekend! A favorite Clinic at Redwood Stables is our Women Over 35 Horsemanship Clinic. We hold this every year over Memorial Day Weekend. This upcoming year’s clinic is May 25 & 26, 2013. ARE YOU READY TO BECOME THE HORSE PERSON YOU HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF BEING? What’s holding you back… fear, confidence, lack of knowledge? •Is your horse as happy to see you as you are to see him? •Are you frustrated, does your horse tense up or resist you? •Are you afraid of getting hurt or is chronic […]

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