Dennis offers a number of different clinic experiences and demonstrations at his facility in Morton, Minnesota and at other facilities and events. 

Participants in clinics learn how to gain respect from their horse on the ground and in the saddle at every clinic. He teaches desensitizing the horse for safety and horsemanship techniques and principals. Many of his clincis include cattle work. Dennis teaches at all levels and gives one on one attention to attendees. His clinics are educational and fun, providing the perfct environment for learning. 

Dennis Auslam offers clinics in the following areas: 

- Desensitizing
- Desensitizing and horsemanship
- Women Over 35 Horsemanship and Cattle Work/Confidence Building
- Roping for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

You will never walk away from a clinic with Dennis without learning something. Many riders, after attending a clinic, bring their horses to him for training and take individual lessons. 

Dennis believes strongly in desentizing the horse and his clinics will teach you the techniques you can continue to use on your horse at home to make your mount a safe and enjoyable ride. Calmly leading, yielding to pressure, turning, bending, freeing up the hindquarters and all four feet are some of the components of groundwork. 

Bridle Up with Dennis Auslam clinics will take you farther into having a safe mount and a balanced horse while learning correct cues, trianing methods and principles of the balanced horse and rider. Learn how a horse thinks, responds to pressure, releases from pressure, and acts during threatening situations. Works is done on movement of the horse and how to cue for correct leads, moving each part of the horse individually (hindquarters, ribcage, shoulders), rollbacks and correct stopping maneuvers. Obstacles are also part of these clinics in order to learn how to control the horse from the ground in a safe manner while boosting the horse's own confidence. An added element of fun comes with working cattle at the end of most home clinics. 

The Women's 35 & Over Clinic is a specialized confidence-building clinic for female riders of all levels. Many riders in this age group and gender are new, coming back to horses, find that they are not as brave as when they were younger or just want to enhance their learning. This confidence clinic is great for any of these groups and includes all of the information in his desensitizing and horsemanship clinics plus cattle work. Dennis has the unique abuility to work with all levels of riders and has developed this special clinic to assist women in achieving and overcoming obstacles this group faces and moving them forward to expand their knowledge and ability. 

All home clinics begin with a saddle fitting demonstration by Larry Norton, as well as going through all equipment (saddles, bridles, saddle pads, etc). It is imperative that we go through the physical elements the horse endures before we can tackle any sort of behavioral issue. 

So come Bridle Up with Dennis Auslam at a clinic to see what you and your horse are capable of!