Lessons & Clinics

Come Learn With Dennis

New Experiences

  • Group [2-12 riders & horses] and individual
  • Horse & Rider Bonding
  • Desensitization & Confidence Building for Horse + Rider
  • Roping for All Levels
  • Cattle sorting
  • Challenge Course
  • Trailer Loading

*Able to accommodate any discipline.

Horsemanship Clinics

Dennis offers a number of different clinic experiences and demonstrations at his facility in Morton, Minnesota and at other facilities and events.

Bridle Up with Dennis Auslam clinics will take you farther into having a safe mount and a balanced horse while learning correct cues, training methods and principles of the balanced horse and rider. Learn how a horse thinks, responds to pressure, releases from pressure, and acts during threatening situations. Works is done on movement of the horse and how to cue for correct leads, moving each part of the horse individually (hindquarters, ribcage, and shoulders), rollbacks and correct stopping maneuvers. Obstacles are also part of these clinics in order to learn how to control the horse from the ground in a safe manner while boosting the horse’s own confidence. Dennis believes strongly in desensitizing the horse and he will teach you techniques you can continue to use on your horse at home to make your mount a safe and enjoyable ride. For most of the home clinics you will get an added element of fun working cattle at the very end of the clinic.

All clinics cover the basics review of your equipment (saddles, bridles, saddle pads, etc.). It is imperative that we go through the physical elements the horse endures before we can tackle any sort of behavioral issue.

You will never walk away from a clinic with Dennis without learning something. Many former participants bring their horses to Dennis for additional training as well as signing up for individual lessons.

So come Bridle Up with Dennis Auslam at a clinic to see what you and your horse are capable of! Contact us for clinic rates OR see our calendar

Dennis Auslam offers clinics in the following areas:

Level 1 - Desensitizing & Confidence Building

Level 1 starts out with one day of solid ground work.  Working with your horse in basic lunging and commands and then moving into the smaller & then larger obstacle courses until both horse & rider are comfortable with each other. Day two, has a short refresher of day one and then you work all of the same training as day one but this time with the rider in the saddle.  Plus, if the clinic is at Redwood Stables and time permits basic cattle sorting is included on day two. If the clinic is on location, the obstacle courses will be modified to fit the location. This 2-day clinic has a fee of $412/person at Redwood Stables or $515/person + travel expenses on location. You & your horse will need to pass this course in order to continue on to Level 2.

Level 2 - Desensitizing & Confidence Building

This clinic picks up where Level 1 ends and extends your training while in the saddle. You continue to build your horsemanship skills as you get more comfortable with your horse in regards to cues, gates, the larger outdoor obstacle course, cattle sorting and roping is you so desire. This 2-day clinic costs $360/person at Redwood Stables, or $412/person + travel expenses on location.

This clinic requires that both horse and rider have passed Level 1

Memorial Day Weekend: Women Over 35 Horsemanship

This is a specialized confidence-building clinic for female riders of all levels. Many riders in this age group and gender are new, coming back to horses, find that they are not as brave as when they were younger or just want to enhance their learning. This confidence clinic is great for any of these groups and includes all of the information in his desensitizing and horsemanship clinics plus cattle work. Dennis has the unique ability to work with all levels of riders and has developed this special clinic to assist women in achieving and overcoming obstacles this group faces and moving them forward to expand their knowledge and ability. This 3-day clinic includes group and one-on-one training with Dennis & his trainers plus three additional speakers who bring additional valuable training and knowledge to the participants. Saturday + Sunday, days 1 + 2 are required for this clinic and has a cost of $412 per person and if you want to add in the third day on Monday, it will be an additional $100 per person.  This clinic does not have any pre-request clinics to participate.

Cattle Sorting

Learn how to sort cattle or polish up those sorting skills with Dennis and his trainers.  Dennis recommends that these lessons happen at Redwood Stables where they have cattle and all of the required set ups for sorting or if the on location offers access to cattle and required set ups – that works too.  Training fees are $52/hour or $310 for a day for 1-2 people at Redwood Stables.  On location would be the same fees plus travel expenses.

Roping for All Levels

Work on your roping skills from the very beginning stage catching that metal calf from the ground to chasing & capturing the metal calf from high above in the saddle into swinging that lasso to capture a real calf from on top of your horse.  Whatever your skill level is, you will learn new techniques and skills from working with Dennis and his team of trainers.

Day Lessons

Day lessons are available at Redwood stables or on location. This option allows you to get hone in on the training you and your horse need with Dennis with you every step of the way.  Lessons can be individual or for two for the price.  Day lessons would cover the hours of 10am-4pm.  Of if you just need an hour or two, hourly lessons are available as well.  Please note that on location lessons include the training fee plus travel expenses.

Horse Evaluations

Dennis provides horse evaluations upon request.  Dennis spends several hours per day with the horse over a 3-day period.  The evaluation + assessment of your horse will cover: mental & physical wellbeing & behavior, respect of the handler, responsiveness, confidence, how well they listen what are their basic cues – verbal, leg or rein.  This can be done at Redwood Stables or on location.